Measure your customer’s experience using VoC.

Stage 5: Measure your customer’s experience through the Voice of Customer and develop a program for customer-led innovation.

A Voice of Customer (VoC) program is the backbone of our customer experience strategy. Our program formalises a process for collecting, analysing and actioning resolutions to customer feedback.

We begin with an audit of current feedback processes to understand data duplication across the business; this helps to highlight gaps, streamline processes and optimise investments.

A VoC technology platform automates the process of continuous, real-time collection and analysis of structured customer feedback. This is combined with unstructured feedback through social media channels, customer service and customer complaints to provide a single listening dashboard.

Our feedback strategy works to enable resolutions
 and actions in response to customer problems. With mid- term focus on preventing the recurrence of issues that affect your wider customer base.

This stage delivers:
Voice of Customer program strategy
Formalised customer feedback measurement
Roadmap for implementation

This stage informs:
Process innovation to solve causes of dissatisfaction
Feedback framework for resolutions and actions
Accountability for shifts in customer-centric behaviour

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Our 5-stage method is a holistic approach that combines customer insight, strategy, co-creation and collaboration to improve customer experience and deliver superior business performance.