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Customer IQ™ is a holistic approach that combines customer insight, strategy, collaboration and co-creation to improve customer experience and deliver superior business performance.

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When it comes to business growth most companies now place equal value on acquiring new customers and growing and keeping existing customers too.

Increasingly, companies are looking to accelerate customer growth and retention by transforming their customer experiences. The result is greater customer value and superior business performance.

Simply put, when your company provides great experiences this not only impacts your customers’ current and future purchasing; it also positively influences the purchasing decisions of their friends, family and peers.

Our approach to improving customer experience combines customer insight, strategy, collaboration and co-creation to help your company create positive experiences that foster customer loyalty and advocacy.

The value we provide is built from what’s great for the customer is great for business. Find out how we can help your company grow and retain more customers.

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Customer Experience is the Brand

Our CEO, Alex Allwood is the author of Customer Experience is the Brand. Customers are now super connected, highly influential and have high expectations of their brand interactions. To succeed, brands will need to build customer-first cultures where customer needs are met and brand promises are kept. The book has been written to bridge the gap between yesterday’s marketing and the next evolution of the brand – Customer Experience.


Thought Leadership

Holla actively shares our Customer Experience thinking to engage the business community with the latest news, insights and learnings. This includes participating in webinars, live panels, seminars, blogs, regular contributions to leading Marketing publications, and more recently as a guest on Alan Kohler’s show for Qantas Business Radio.



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