Identify your customers’ current and future needs.

Stage 2: Identify how your customer interacts with your business; their pain points, unmet needs, aspirations and what they value.

To provide a distinctive and positive customer experience, businesses need deep understanding of what matters to their customers; before, during and after their purchasing.

To understand your customers’ needs and expectations from their perspective, we use the best practice approach of empathy mapping and customer journey mapping.

Our program assesses the financial value of your customer segments to evaluate the most profitable customers and to ensure a sharp focus on business innovation efforts and investment.

We then map the customer journeys: path-to-purchase, onboarding, service enquiry, billing etc. This develops a deep understanding of what matters to your customers at each stage of their journey.

Once one or more customer journeys have been mapped, we detail the cross-functional operations that support these journeys.

The program determines the brand interaction pain points, gaps, critical touchpoints, and most importantly, customer interactions that are impeding or accelerating business growth.

This stage delivers:
Financial value of customer segments
Empathy mapping and customer journey mapping
Analysis and reporting

This stage informs:
Customer interaction pain points and gaps
High value customer segment innovation
Touchpoint and process design to meet customer needs

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Our 5-stage method is a holistic approach that combines customer insight, strategy, co-creation and collaboration to improve customer experience and deliver superior business performance.