Customer Experience News #65 Millennials, Zappos, Rewarding Customer-Centricity and Referral Programs

David Thompson

Millennials Drive the Experience Economy (3-4min)
According to the strategists at Macquarie, as the millennial-driven experience economy continues to grow, the companies that rely solely on selling commoditised products and fail to differentiate their experience will struggle to compete.

Zappos’ Secret to Success (5-6min)
Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh is renowned for his unusual approach to company culture, however this article in Forbes looks beyond the inspired ‘weirdness’ of the Zappos culture and finds the real secret to Zappos’ success may well lie in its ‘culture of yes’.

Rewarding a Customer-Centric Culture (5-6min)
In today’s most successful companies a clear correlation exists between a customer-centric culture and employee engagement, customer retention and business performance. This article outlines the seven rewards companies can expect from transitioning to a customer-centric culture.

5 Tactics to Drive Customer Referral (3-4min)
As Mark Zuckerberg says, ‘Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a friend.’ Here are five steps to creating a successful referral program and leveraging the power of peer to peer recommendation.

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