Customer Experience News #57 HBR Innovation Insights, 7 Deadly Sins, United Lessons & Woolies v Amazon

David Thompson

Opportunity in the Unusual (3-4min)
Throughout the journey from customer listening to customer-led innovation the focus is often on the ‘average’ customer. This Harvard Business Review article argues that the greatest insights and the best opportunities for innovation often exist at the fringes; through understanding the unexpected uses of heavy consumers at one end of the customer spectrum and the non-consumption behaviours of light consumers at the other.  

7 Deadly Sins of CX Transformation (9-10min)
Successfully transforming customer experience has many benefits, including improved customer retention, higher employee engagement, increased profits and sustainable long term growth. In any change program however, there are potential pitfalls and this McKinsey article identifies the seven most common and sometimes fatal mistakes organisations can make on the customer transformation journey.   

Lessons From United (4-5min)
At the end of a horror week for United Airlines regular Forbes contributor Micah Solomon steps back and takes a measured look at the fiasco. Informed by his own experiences with United, (good and bad), he identifies four weaknesses in the airline’s customer service model, as well as in United’s culture and the broader culture of aviation.       

In the News
Woolworths is hoping its revamped loyalty program and a renewed focus on customer will insulate its business from the Amazon onslaught. 

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