Customer Experience News #54 Amazon’s Advantage, McKinsey Lessons, Microsoft and Thinx

David Thompson

Disruption Down Under (3-4min)
Australian retailers are gearing up for the Amazon onslaught. The mega-brand offers superior competitive advantage through a signature customer experience, coupled with a mission to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. In this article for CMO Australia, Alex Allwood looks into a key source of Amazon’s competitive advantage.

CX Lessons From McKinsey (9-10min)
Digital first disruptors are reinventing customer experience from the ground up and digitization is reshaping the way all companies interact with their customers. This article from McKinsey uses case studies to illustrate two key lessons for companies wanting to create the greatest value from improving their CX. Firstly, how do you find out what really matters to customers and secondly how do you link customer experience to operational improvements?

Microsoft CMO’s Message for Marketers (3-4min)
In what he sees as a disruptive time for marketing practitioners, the CMO of Microsoft USA has a word of warning; marketers should endeavour to  become the custodians of ‘customer experience management’ or risk being overwhelmed by changes in marketing technology.

In the News
A cautionary tale from the US where taboo-busting underwear brand Thinx is finding out just how easy it is to compromise your brand purpose and alienate customers along the way.

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