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David Thompson

‘Innovative Companies Have Innovative Cultures’ (6-7min)
How do the world’s most successful companies create a culture of innovation? Using examples from Zipcar, NBC and other leading brands this Harvard Business Review article looks at four strategies for shaping employee behaviour through experience innovation.

8 KPI’s for CX Leadership (7-8min)
Forrester research has already identified that revenue growth, brand preference and the capacity to charge more for products and services are the direct result of enhanced customer experience. A quick review of these 8 key performance indicators will show how your organisation rates as either a CX Leader or Laggard.  

Let’s Get ‘Phygital’  (6-7min)
The challenge for many physical brands is how to capture their customers’ digital attention in a meaningful way. This article from CMO looks at how brands such as Amcal and Deakin University are successfully connecting digital and physical experiences simultaneously.

And The Winners Are… (3-4min)
Announced this week were the winners of the annual Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards. Based on 2016 data from 50,000 Australian consumers, the survey measures and awards customer satisfaction across a wide range of sectors. 

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