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David Thompson

Poor Service Experience Costs Customers (3-4min)
With the challenges of commoditisation, dramatic shifts in purchasing behaviour and the amplification of complaints, organisations ignore transforming customer service delivery at their peril. In her latest article for CMO, Holla CEO Alex Allwood looks at how organisations can grow and retain customers by using service design to solve customer problems from the customer’s perspective.


Global ‘Trust Crisis’ Revealed (5-6min)
The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals a global ‘trust crisis’ across the institutions of government, NGO’s, media and business. Fortunately for business, it is viewed as the only one of the four that can make a difference – where profits and social responsibility are not incompatible. From a business perspective the increasing reliance by consumers on trusted, peer to peer recommendation also means improving experience and building trust is more important than ever to business success.

Banking’s CX Fails (3-4min)
A new global report, “Improving the Customer Experience in Banking”, has found that a majority of the banks and credit unions surveyed are immature in their CX evolution and unprepared to meet changing consumer expectations. The report identifies five priorities for banks wanting to shift from transactional to experience led customer relationships.

In the News
Is Coles facing a shoplifting problem or a customer experience problem with its self-serve checkouts?

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