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Customer Experience News #46 Driving Revenue, Avoiding Failure, Design Power & Customer Stories

David Thompson

Driving Revenue Through Great Customer Experience (2-3min)
When your CEO asks the inevitable ‘money question’ it pays to have a clear understanding of how your CX program is driving revenue. Forrester has recently modelled the revenue impact of improving Customer Experience using its Customer Experience Index. Find out what they discovered and what you should be doing to help make your case.     


How to Avoid CX Failure (4-5min)
Many Customer Experience programs fail to deliver their potential ROI when tracking CX metrics instead of achieving strategic business objectives becomes the key measure of success. This article in HBR identifies the three main reasons why many CX programs fail and how to avoid this happening in your organisation.   

Proving the Power & Value of Design (10-12min)
In the same way that CX Leaders consistently outperform the S&P 500 Index, the Design Management Institute’s Design Value Index (DVI) shows that design-centric organisations are consistently doing the same. This article looks at some of the top performing companies from the latest DVI and identifies the trends that set them apart.       

From the Frontline 
Here’s a quick look at how often the reality of customer experience fails to meet expectation.    


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