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Customer IQ™ is a holistic program which helps companies grow and retain more customers by improving their customer experience. The result is greater customer value and superior business performance. Our ‘outside-in’ approach combines insights, strategy, collaboration and co-creation to deliver organisation-wide customer-centric transformation.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) Services

1. Benchmark your company’s customer-centric competitiveness
2. Identify and map your customers’ current and future needs: painpoints,
unmet needs and aspirations
3. Develop a CX blueprint to align, innovate and improve the end-to-end customer journey
4. Co-create future state customer experiences to meet customer needs
and expectations
5. Measure your customer’s experience using Voice of Customer (VoC) and develop
a program for customer-led innovation

Understanding the End-to-End Customer Journey

Mapping the Customer Journey identifies your customers’ current and future needs: painpoints, unmet needs, aspirations and what they value. Our program uses customer qualitative research to capture key customer behavior insights to understand what matters to customers at each interaction of their journey.

We begin with customer segment analysis to evaluate the most profitable customers. This ensures a sharp focus on innovation efforts and investment. We then map the customer journeys. Our approach is collaborative and serves as a framework for co-designing the business’s touchpoints, services, processes and services that are causing friction and high customer dissatisfaction.

Designing a Voice of Customer (VoC) Program

  • A Voice of Customer (VoC) program is the backbone of your customer experience strategy. Our program formalises a process for collecting, analysing and actioning resolutions to customer feedback. The program enables resolutions
and actions in response to customer problems. With mid- term focus on preventing the recurrence
    of issues that affect your wider customer base.
  • We begin with analysis of customer feedback against operational performance metrics; working closely with key internal stakeholders to understand current feedback processes and data duplication across the business; this helps to highlight gaps, streamline processes and optimise investments.

Developing your Customer Experience Strategy Blueprint

The customer experience strategy blueprint provides the business with a comprehensive understanding of strategic priorities that need to be addressed.
The strategy specifically addresses the mandatories for customer inspired innovation with a focus on priority and action to deliver your customer vision. These include customer-centric leadership and cross-functional alignment addressing the gaps, pains and opportunities.

Customer-First, Cross-Functional Alignment

Our research shows that a customer-first, strategic alignment discipline is essential in creating a customer-centric mindset aligned around the customer vision, shared values and promise, and ties customer-value to company culture. This ensures the brand promises are delivered through your people at every step in the customer journey.

We begin with a web-based diagnostic and global benchmarking tool that assesses your company’s customer-centric competitiveness. The research informs what customer-centric behaviours require development to deliver organisational and cultural alignment, customer experience excellence and future business performance. Our Customer Experience consultants work collaboratively with your executive management and leadership teams to support and drive shifts in employee attitudes and behaviours to achieve customer-first alignment across the business.

Co-Design Future State Experiences and Services

Customer inspired innovation puts the customer at the heart of your innovation efforts and incorporates active customer participation.

Our workshops are collaborative, involving customers and internal stakeholders to reduce the risk of innovation efforts not meeting customers’ needs.

Our innovation program uses design thinking and service design methodology to ideate and prototype new sources of customer value across digital and physical touchpoints, processes and services.


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