Customer Experience News #64 Tech Trap, Path to Purchase, Segmentation and VW


Customer Experience and the Technology Trap (5-6min)
The future of competitive advantage depends on understanding and meeting customer expectations across every channel. This article looks at how and why so many organisations eschew genuine transformation in favour of a tactical, ‘quick fix’ focus on technology and automation.

‘Persuasion is Messy and People are Weird’ (4-5min)
If you think of customer path to purchase as a straightforward, linear concept it might be time to reconsider. This article for Venture Beat argues that consumer purchase decision making is inherently messy. The solution for marketers is to ‘embrace randomness’ and learn to focus on the variables in the journey they can positively control.

A Fresh Approach to Segmentation (3-4min)
A must-read case study this week from CustomerThink, on how one company’s switch from demographic/psychographic/attitudinal-based customer segmentation to ‘needs-based’ segmentation uncovered a $150M opportunity.

CX Tips from VW’s Aussie Expert (4-5min)
VW Australia’s Director of Customer Experience, Jason Bradshaw, talks CX with Micah Solomon. If you missed Bradshaw at Qualtrics Converge in Sydney last month this interview will give some insight into his approach to creating a customer-centric culture.

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