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Customer Experience News #62 McKinsey, Woolies, Bots and Optus

David Thompson

McKinsey Makes the Case for Transformation (5-6min)
This article from McKinsey argues that companies seeking to create competitive advantage through delivering superior customer experiences to their external customers should first look inward – engaging the whole organisation, including support functions, in a customer-centric transformation.   

Woolies Launches ‘The Bunch’ (2-3min)
Woolworths continues to leverage the power of online review and recommendation with the launch of a new online community called The Bunch. Combing VoC and co-creation the pilot program has already seen over 4,000 customers sampling Own Brand food items in the home and providing unfiltered reviews for the benefit other customers and the Woolworth’s product development team.     

Aussies Back the Bots (1-2min)
In a world where the ideal wait time for ‘excellent’ customer service is now less than two minutes, a new report has revealed that three quarters of Australians prefer to interact with customer service bots on routine tasks to save time – providing of course that humans are freed up to deal with more complex tasks.

Telco Trashes CX (4-5min)
Enough about airlines, this week’s customer experience horror story comes from the all too familiar telco world. Read it and weep.

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