Customer Experience News #61 #CXweek, 5 CX Insights, Experience Wins and ANZ Culture Highlights

David Thompson

Highlights from CXweek (5-6min)
Qualtrics’ third annual #CXweek event is on now and Alex Allwood has chosen CX expert Joseph Pine’s thoughts on The Experience Economy as her favourite keynote so far. To hear this keynote and find a host of other exclusive content, blogs and reviews simply register.

CX Insights from Patagonia, Mozilla & More (4-5min)
Circling the globe to another event, this piece from Forbes contributor Adrian Swinscoe features five customer experience insights he’s gleaned from this month’s Collision, tech and start up conference in New Orleans.

Less Buying, More Doing – How Experience Wins (7-8min)
If Joe Pine’s #CXweek keynote (above) sparked your interest in The Experience Economy, this article in The Guardian reports on some of the real world indicators and impacts of our changing consumption habits. To quote the head of sustainability at Ikea “…in the West we have probably hit peak stuff.” and the growing trend is now towards spending money on doing things (and sharing the experience) rather than buying things.

Short & Sweet (4-5min)
In this video interview for ANZ’s BlueNotes, CEO Shayne Elliot discusses proposed changes to the bank’s management style aimed at improving customer experience, empowering staff and improving productivity.

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