Customer Experience News #60: CX Crisis Management, Blame the Boss, Rethinking Competition and Synchronicity

David Thompson

CX Crisis – Managing Broken Promises (3-4min)
When a negative customer experience is videoed and viewed over 200 million times, as was recently the case with United Airlines, how does an organisation move forward? Writing for CMO, Alex Allwood looks at how to manage a customer experience crisis and mitigate the risk of a broken brand promise.

Bad Experience? Blame the Boss (2-3min)
Customer understanding is critical to customer experience success and yet new research, based on interviews with 70,000 customers and 1,000 managers, shows the impact of managers believing they know their customers when in fact they have no idea at all.

Rethinking Your Competition (5-6min)
This article flips the idea of business competitors as competition and instead suggests that real competition is the obstacles your customers encounter on their journeys to solving human-centred problems – the very same problems your company exists to solve.

Sync the Silos (4-5min)
Siloed operations within a business can spell disaster for customer, employee and shareholder experiences. This article by Lynn Hunsaker explains how to smooth the customer journey by synchronising your customer experience processes.

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