Customer Experience News #59 Uber, Adidas & Tesla, Collaboration, Alignment and Apple

David Thompson

Collaborate to Innovate (5-6min)
Forming strategic relationships with customers, employees and other companies is the way successful organisations innovate and evolve. This article provides real world examples of transformational relationships and outlines five prerequisites for collaborative success.

HBR on Capturing Value from Collaboration (5-6min)
If collaboration is a key element in successful Customer Experience innovation, how do you know you’re doing it right? Harvard Business Review research points the way by identifying what is, and as importantly, what isn’t collaboration and when and how to use it.

Leading From the Middle (4-5min)
Successful Customer Experience programs require more than visionary C-Suite leadership, they must have company-wide alignment to deliver on the vision. CX leader Nancy Porte gives her expert advice on how departmental managers can lead the charge.

Apple’s Best ever Product? (1-2min)
According to a recent CSat and NPS survey this is the best product Apple has ever made. To dig a little deeper into the survey data there’s a link in the article.

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David is a highly experienced Client Director focused on developing and nurturing strong agency/client relationships. He contributes strategic value to the planning process and ensures alignment with project objectives.

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