Customer Experience News #56 Keeping Customers, Bendigo Bank, Delta Airlines and Worst Ever CX

David Thompson

How Companies Keep Customers (6-7min)
A successful customer experience program leads to customer retention and drives sustainable business growth. Customer retention expert Joseph Pigato shares best practice insights from 9 companies that have innovated to ensure their customers “…have great experiences, receive value and stay loyal.”

Bendigo Banks on Customer (3-4min)
Bendigo Bank is recognised as a customer experience leader in Australia, ranking number one in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index 2015 and 2016. In this CMO article, Bendigo’s head of customer voice Ian Jackman talks about the bank’s approach to CX and the roll out of a company-wide measurement framework focusing more on external (customer) feedback and insight than hard data.

Delta Delivers (5-6min)
Eleven years after filing for bankruptcy, Delta Airlines recorded record profits in 2016. The airline’s success has come through redefining the flight experience for customers and the workplace experience for 80,000 employees. Here’s how they did it…

In the News
And at the other end of the spectrum, the worst customer experience… EVER!

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