Customer Experience News #55 Maximising VoC Value, Lego Lessons, Disrupting Loyalty & Sydney Airport

David Thompson

How to Maximise VoC Value (4-5min)
In Customer Experience Management value chain thinking is often applied to journey mapping where customer interactions are generally sequential and interconnected. This article in CustomerThink details how treating Voice of Customer as a value chain can maximise your VoC program’s ROI and help drive retention, loyalty and overall business results.

CX Lessons from Lego (3-4min)
With six year old son in tow, organizational culture expert Chris Cancialosi recently spent two days at LEGOLAND in California. Here he unpacks his family’s LEGOLAND experience and identifies the 5 key benefits of the organization wide, employee-driven customer engagement that Lego does so well.

Disrupting Loyalty Programs (5-6min)
With so many retailers, travel companies and financial services providers now offering loyalty programs, this article for Harvard Business Review looks at how blockchain technology will become a major disruptor by aggregating and sharing transactions across a network of participants.

In the News
If you’ve ever been a customer of Sydney Airport you probably know where this one is heading…

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