Customer Experience News #53 Mastercard Experiences Not Ads, Journey Mapping, ASOS & the Power of Design

David Thompson

Create Experiences, Not Ads! (2-3min)
Mastercard’s Global CMO believes the increased use of ad blocking is a clear indicator that consumers are becoming more and more disengaged with advertising. The only alternative for brands is to create ‘uninterrupted experiences’; a move from storytelling to story making where customers become part of the story.

Journey Mapping With Impact (3-4min)
From the lofty heights of the C-Suite a descriptive journey map may be nice to have but the CEO will often require a prescriptive redefinition of the customer experience that will in turn drive business performance. This article looks at how to take journey mapping that one step further and in the process help to make CX Strategy a priority for your organisation.

Redesigning the ASOS Customer Journey (3-4min)
ASOS is a powerhouse brand in the online fashion world, and yet a group of RMIT Master of Marketing students has redesigned the ASOS customer journey to create a hybrid between an online and a bricks and mortar customer experience. Here’s how they did it.

The Power of Design (3-4min)
In a world where almost anything is possible from a technological point of view, this article argues that tech-centred solutions are no longer enough to deliver digital transformation. Instead, people-centred experience design enabled by technology is the key to future success.

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