Customer Experience News #52 Who Owns CX?, VoC Feedback, CX Value & The Future of Retail

David Thompson

Who Owns CX? (2-3min)
According to Tiffani Bova, Salesforce’s newly appointed Global, Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist, the question of who ‘owns’ customer experience in an organisation is less important than who executes on it. In this interview for Forbes, Bova shares her thoughts about the current state and future direction of customer experience.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Get (6-7min)
In this age of super-connected consumers, online reviews and social media posts are useful indicators of customer sentiment. However, as this article suggests, companies should also be proactively seeking more comprehensive, measurable and actionable feedback through voice of customer programs.

How To Be CX Best-In-Class (4-5min)
The ultimate outcome of improving customer experience is improved business performance, and therefore the best way to understand CX is through the value it creates. This article looks at a best-in-class ‘customer experience value chain’ and lists the activities companies should be undertaking to drive customer experience value within this framework.

Retail’s Bright Future (5-6min)
Interviewed for the SMH, Megan Foster, former senior executive at Myer, discusses the future of bricks and mortar retail in her new role as GM of Retail at QIC Global Real Estate.

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