Customer Experience News #47 Retention Marketing, ASOS, Retail Pricing & Cemetery Csat

David Thompson

The Rise of Retention Marketing (6-7min)
When billionaire investor Warren Buffet talks about the importance of delighting customers, it only highlights how important customer retention is to long term business success. This article argues that retention marketing should be a strategic priority in 2017; ensuring your most valuable customers continue to positively impact your bottom line.


ASOS Wins With CX (5-6min)
Online fashion retailer ASOS has built its success on understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of customers. From finding the right market niche (millennials), to building a customer-centric culture and focusing on customer experience ahead of product, ASOS has succeeded through constant, customer-led innovation.

Is The Price Right? (3-4min)
Still on retail, and this HBR article answers the question many bricks-and-mortar retailers are asking about in-store vs online pricing. The author, a pricing strategy consultant, believes the answer is as simple as understanding how customers choose to shop, and successfully catering to their different needs and price sensitivities.

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Cemetery Csat Criticised.

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