Customer Experience News #43 Customer Retention, Super-Consumers, 2016 Empathy Index & Amazon Grocery

David Thompson

Customer Retention – 40 Stats You Need to Know (6-7min)
If you were in any doubt about the positive impact of customer experience, these stats show that CX is critical to customer retention; positively influencing customer loyalty, reducing churn and driving new sales through recommendation.

Looking After Your Super-Consumers (3-4min)
Do you know who your ‘super-consumers’ are? Whilst only 10% of customers fall into this category they deliver 30-70% of sales and an even greater share of profits. This article looks at how to identify, utilise and reward your very best customers.


The Top 20 Most (and Least) Empathetic Companies, 2016 (3-4min)
Happy, engaged employees create more, happy, engaged customers. The just released 2016 Empathy Index, which analyses the internal culture, CEO performance, ethics and social media presence of 170 major companies, has ranked this year’s most (and least) empathetic performers.

In The News
Amazon has just launched its first grocery store. It’s a whole new, ‘checkout free’ supermarket experience and here’s how it works…

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