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Customer Experience News #40 Answering Disruption, TED Talks Consumer Trust and Chatbots

David Thompson

Collaboration & Co-Creation the Answer to Disruption (5-6min)
In an increasingly complex market, businesses can avoid disruption by enhancing and accelerating innovation through collaboration and co-creation with customers. This approach helps businesses better prepare for ‘the day after tomorrow’. If your organisation is facing the challenge of inward looking, disconnected or un-collaborative business silos then Mastercard’s Innovation Labs could be a source of inspiration.

TED Talks Trust (20min Video)
So who do you trust; friends, peers, online recommendations or reviews? In Rachel Botsman’s latest TED Talk she explores a profound change in our concept of trust. An expert on how collaboration enabled by digital technology is changing the way we live, work and consume, Botsman argues we are increasingly relying on others, often strangers, to guide our decision making through platforms such as Airbnb and Uber.

How Chatbots Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty (2-3min)
Chatbots are already making a contribution to enhancing customer experience in many businesses – interacting and communicating directly with customers on behalf of the business. This article argues that the key to chatbot success is personalisation; understanding bots, their uses and their purpose will help create a differentiated experience that will in turn raise customer retention and loyalty.

In the News – Amazon Checks Out Grocery
As reported in the SMH, Amazon is expected to launch bricks and mortar grocery stores and an online supermarket in Australia within two years. The proposed model will focus firmly on satisfying customer unmet needs. Customers will be offered a range of items, such as perishables, in-store and have the ability to order tens of thousands of other products through an app, in-store kiosk or touchscreen.

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