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Customer Experience News #1 Customer-Centric Initiatives, Internal Alignment and 360 Technology

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Customer-Centric Initiatives To Kick-Start 2016 (5-6min)
If maintaining competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive and disruptive marketplace is high on the agenda for 2016, then consider these customer-centric initiatives for the year ahead. With companies increasingly expected to differentiate and compete primarily on the basis of customer experience we outline 10 CX initiatives – from designing the customer journey, to ‘always on’ social service and ‘hyper-personalisation’ driven by predictive technology – to help kick start this year.

NPS Measurement and Internal Alignment (6-7min)
As a leading indicator of brand health, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys are the global standard for measuring customer experience. Whilst it’s important to ask the right questions when measuring your customers’ satisfaction and their willingness to recommend your brand, it is even more important to take a whole of business approach to making effective use of the data. Christian Reni from CustomerGauge profiles 5 different companies and explains how they have successfully aligned their organisations around NPS.

Customer Advocacy

Larger Than Life – The 360˚ Video Camera (2-3min)
The latest revolution in immersive video technology is the 360˚ video camera. Brands, and their content generating customers, can now record 4K (ultra-high definition), stitchless, 360˚ video where the viewer is immersed in an interactive experience. Users can decide what part of the movie to watch! Camera startup 360fly’s cameras are being built into sports helmets and all-angle content can now be viewed in real time on a tablet. The possibilities are endless.

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Can Brands Humanise Customer Tracking? (6-7min)
Smart tracking technology, such as Disney’s theme park ‘MagicBand’, is evolving fast and the benefits for brands can be enormous. The key question you need to ask in the collection of customer data is, ‘how to balance the technological with the human?’ For companies investing into smart tracking devices for their customers (and/or their employees) there are many aspects to consider about how best to utilise this technology to enhance the customer experience.

This Week’s CX ProTip
Customer experience has quickly become the ‘must have’ for brands wanting a competitive advantage. The good news? Most companies are implementing ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs. The down side – ‘Survey Fatigue’. Customers are being inundated with survey requests leading to survey fatigue. The danger for companies is the declining quality of feedback and the potential for results that are skewed.

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