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About Holla

  • Our customer-centric approach to improving customer experience helps companies increase customer value and accelerate sustainable business growth.

    We believe that great experiences get people talking. When your company provides great experiences, this not only impacts your customers’ current and future purchasing; it also positively influences the purchasing decisions of their friends, family and peers.

    Customer IQ™ is a holistic approach to solving business challenges. The program combines customer insight, strategy, collaboration and co-creation to help your company create positive experiences that foster customer loyalty and advocacy.

  • Customer IQ™ measures and benchmarks a businesses customer-centricity; maps their customer journeys in both digital and physical channels; develops a blueprint to guide organisational alignment; facilitates co-creation of future experiences and measures the experience of using a Voice of Customer program.

    The value we provide is built from what’s great for the customer is great for business. Find out how we can help your company grow and retain more customers. Contact our CEO, Alex Allwood for an initial business discussion today.

How We Help

Customer IQ™ is a holistic approach that combines customer insight, strategy, co-creation and collaboration to improve customer experience and deliver superior business performance.

Founder and CEO

Alex Allwood is an Australian businesswoman, author and speaker on customer experience strategy. Alex believes that great experiences get people talking – that the experience customers have impacts their current and future purchasing decisions and the purchasing decisions of their friends and peers too.

Alex is the founder and CEO of The Holla Agency, a company specialising in customer experience. Alex designed the agency’s holistic customer experience program Customer IQ™ to help solve the key business challenges of customer engagement, competitive advantage and sustainable growth. The program facilitates customer-led transformation of culture, processes, services and marketing to deliver superior business performance.

Alex has over 20 years experience in customer-led brand and marketing strategy in the finance, health care, retail and not-for-profit sectors. A strategist at heart, Alex works with executive teams to develop their customer strategy; working with them to bring their vision to life both inside the business and across the customer journey.

Author of the book Customer Experience is the Brand, Alex is also a thought leader and sought-after business speaker. Alex hosts the program CX LIVE and writes for many local and international business publications on customer experience strategy. Alex was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for her contribution to the ongoing work of Rotary.

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